• Empowering teachers to use new technologies in their classrooms

    Our reliable high-speed network and high-definition conferencing services immerse students in authentic experiences in new and exciting ways

  • Transforming how climate scientists work together

    Our network supports collaborations, virtual laboratories, climate model experiments and the transport and storage of huge amounts of data

  • Enabling researchers to unravel the mysteries of the universe

    AARNet connects the space science community to the world's most powerful telescopes and supercomputing facilities at extremely high speed

  • Cloud
  • Collaborate
    & share
  • High Speed
    Network Access

Beaming the world into the classroom

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Enabling Climate Systems Science research

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Building the Square Kilometre Array

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AARNet Pioneering the Internet In Australia since 1989

AARNet delivers high-capacity leading-edge communications services to the nation's universities, research organisations, and many schools, vocational training providers and cultural institutions.

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Universities Australia Higher Education Conference 2015

The theme of the 2015 conference is Future sense: universities shaping the new era.

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THETA 2015

THETA: The Higher Education Technology Agenda is a bi-annual conference promoting the intelligent use of information technology in the higher education sector.

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Our high-speed advanced research and education network


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