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AARNet Connect

Connecting service providers to the AARNet network

Researchers working on computer network - AARNet Connect

Connect to our network and optimise your hosted and cloud service performance for AARNet customers

If your company provides services to the research and education sector you may be eligible for a connection the AARNet network through the AARNet Connect program. With a connection in place, private circuits between service providers and AARNet customers can also be established. General internet access is not included.

Features and benefits

Connection options

Connections are typically delivered at major data centres. AARNet has a presence at over 30 data centres. Dual data centre connectivity is recommended to ensure a highly available service.

High-performing connectivity

Deliver services to universities, schools and other AARNet customers over fast, reliable high-bandwidth AARNet connectivity. Traffic is unmetered and free of congestion.

Consistent experience

Through the AARNet Connect program, service providers leverage the reliability of the AARNet network to deliver services to AARNet customers that are highly available.

How we connect your campus to AARNet Connect service providers

Is my company eligible for the AARNet Connect program?

AARNet’s focus is on enabling research and education. This means service providers must demonstrate a reason for seeking a connection, including evidence that AARNet customers already use or are planning to use your services.

Is your company eligible for the AARNet Connect program?

What information do I need to provide?

Company details

Name, address, contact name, phone number, email and ABN


Connection location/s and estimated bandwidth required at each location

Service details

List of Services to be provided to AARNet customers. (Name and short description of service/s)

Want to know more?

For more information or to apply for a connection via the AARNet Connect program, please contact us.