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Fast, reliable research data transfers

Globus Data Movement data visualisation

Transfer research data efficiently and securely between systems anywhere in the world

Globus makes it easy for researchers to collaborate and share large-scale data across organisational boundaries using a web browser, command line interface tool or custom-built application.

Centralised access to multiple research data repositories

Globus allows researchers to access their research data from local storage, institutional storage, tape archives, commercial cloud storage, HPC systems and scientific instruments all from a single web browser.

Globus single browser to access data from local storage, institutional storage, tape archives, commercial clouds, HPC systems

Sophisticated data management for data-intensive research

The ‘fire and forget’ model of Globus means that researchers can concentrate on their research while Globus handles the mundane (but important) details to successfully carry out large-scale data transfers across the AARNet high-speed network.

Globus Data Intensive Research: Fast, secure, reliable transfer

Why Globus with AARNet?

A Globus subscription through AARNet provides Australian researchers with a robust and security-conscious solution for transferring large-scale research data.

AARNet connected

Leverages the ultra-high bandwidth and low-latency AARNet national and international network for faster data transfers between unlimited managed endpoints across the network.

Community of experts

Join a community of technologists and researchers working together to develop services to make it easier for researchers to move large-scale and complex data anywhere it is needed.

A reliable partner

More than just a subscription, AARNet provides support to assist with onboarding, integration and training. Includes dedicated Service Desk and Slack channel.

Competitive pricing

Low-cost annual subscriptions for the Australian research community. AARNet offers three Globus subscription tiers, based on the size of an institution or research group.

Key features

Robust file transfer

Move data efficiently, securely and reliably between rooms, across campus or around the world.

See all your data at once

Access your data on a laptop, HPC cluster, cloud storage and tape archive from a single web browser.

Cross-institutional login

Visibility of data across different institutions or supercomputer facilities using campus credentials.

Simple file sharing

Share files with colleagues with only their email address, without needing to set up a new user account.

Secure authentication and authorisation

Data can be secured with multi-factor authentication and federated login, with full control over data access and sharing permissions of users.

Develop new workflows

Use the open REST APIs, Python SDK or internal workflow engine to monitor and access transfers, tasks and remote directories, or build custom research data services and applications.

With the secure and fast data sharing enabled by Globus and the high-bandwidth AARNet network, we can transfer large data sets both nationally and internationally, which makes collaborations easier and faster.”

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Dr Steffen Bollmann

Research Fellow, University of Queensland

Advanced monitoring, reporting and optimisation

Management console

Easily view user activity on your managed and shared endpoints, including active file transfer tasks and any faults they are encountering.

Usage reports

Analyse how Globus is used on your managed and shared endpoints, including historical transfer activity.

Transfer optimisation

Use the default automated optimisation, or manually tweak endpoint settings to ensure best transfer performance.

Automated monitoring

Automatically monitor data transfers between connected systems.

More ways to connect and protect data


Need more information?

To find out more about how AARNet’s Globus service can help your institution with data movement requirements, please contact us.