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The AARNet 2018-2022 Strategic Plan

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A strategy to inspire innovation

Underpinned by our values and aligned to our mission, the AARNet strategic plan will see us continue to develop new and innovative products and services to accelerate Australia’s participation in teaching, learning and research on a global scale.

Our plan

The AARNet 2018-2022 Strategic Plan defines a long-term vision for a globally networked data sharing ecosystem that accelerates knowledge creation and innovation, reinforces the resilience of AARNet's infrastructure and builds out new capabilities to meet the evolving digital needs of our customers.


Our strategic priorities

Own the network infrastructure

Ensure the long-term provision of cost effective and specialised network services to meet the unique needs of the research and education sector

Invest in health and medical infrastructure

Remove barriers to access, sharing, movement and analysis of data for health and medical research, aligned with institutional and government priorities.

Establish a national collaborative research data platform

Facilitate access to data for research regardless of where it is stored, and improve integration of applications, compute and data for solving research problems.

Develop cyber security capability and infrastructure

Address cyber security challenges faced by and on behalf of the research and education sector through network-based detection and mitigation.

Invest in regional digital infrastructure

Add diversity to the network and improve access to affordable broadband services for campuses, study hubs and scientific instruments.

Optimise for customer value

Put customer value at the heart of everything we do, and enable data-driven decision making.