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Technologies to empower discovery and innovation

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We're here to help researchers collaborate and share knowledge across institutions and borders

The unique research infrastructure that AARNet provides interconnects researchers, data-intensive resources such as telescopes, data storage and computational facilities, as well as the global research community. Helping researchers make the most of our powerful network and services to achieve their project goals is at the heart of what we do.

Solutions for researchers

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Watch this short video for an overview of our solutions for researchers
Data Movement

Say goodbye to hard drives for data transport. You can move data from A to B over the AARNet network in various ways quickly and easily. We can also help troubleshoot issues, or provide bespoke solutions for making big data transfers easier online.


Transfer research data efficiently and securely between systems anywhere in the world. Globus makes it easy for researchers to collaborate and share large-scale data across organisational boundaries using a web browser, command line interface tool or custom-built application.

AARNet Mirror

The AARNet Mirror provides you with exact replicas of original sites. Content is updated frequently to ensure the AARNet Mirror site reflects the content of the original sites. This allows online access to a large range of international open-source and academic archives such as the BioMirror and other websites.

Education and Training

Quickly get up and running with our tools and learn how to integrate them into your research workflows. Our trainers also offer webinars and train-the-trainer online workshops.

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Our team is here to help you solve your data transfer problems.

Projects and partnerships

We are strongly focused on collaborating with academia, technologists and our research network partners worldwide to develop infrastructure services that meet the specialised needs of researchers.

Galaxy Australia

Through a partnership with the Australian BioCommons, AARNet’s CloudStor platform is integrated with the Galaxy Australia platform. This integration provides life science researchers in Australia with the capability to seamlessly use their data stored in CloudStor with the analytics tools available in Galaxy.

Green Tree Frogs

Digital Preservation

AARNet is involved in national and international collaborations focused on developing technical solutions to address the challenges of the long-term preservation of and access to research data and digital cultural heritage.

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Science Mesh

Science Mesh is a foundational component of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). One of its aims is to federate existing and emerging data infrastructures with the objective of offering a virtual environment and globally to share and reuse research data across borders and disciplines.

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Want to know more?

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