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Research Data Movement

Technical solutions for managing big data flows

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Our team is here to help you solve your big data movement challenges

How to package up huge volumes of data so that they can be transferred between instruments, high performance compute and storage facilities across AARNet, the high-speed research data highway that connects them, is not always a simple task. We've got the technologies and expertise to help you manage this.

Solutions for moving huge volumes of data


A Globus data management service subscription through AARNet provides a robust and security-conscious solution for transferring large-scale research data between instruments, labs, storage and computing facilities.

Private circuits

Private optical fibre and Ethernet circuits of up to 100Gbps are available to meet the needs of researchers transferring large data volumes consistently between two locations, such as a scientific instrument and compute facility, in Australia.

Research Data Gateway

Our Research Data Gateway is a managed service that optimises data transfer speed by separating data-intensive research traffic from day-to-day operational traffic. The solution uses the 'Science DMZ' technology developed by ESnet in the USA. Our engineers manage the design, procurement, deployment and ongoing operation of this service for you.


FileSender can be used to send files of any size, quickly and securely. The sender has full control over who receives and can access the files and for which period of time.

AARNet expertise

We know there's no one-size fits all solution. Our engineers can work with you to determine which technical solution is right for solving your data movement challenges and meeting the unique needs of your researchers.

Are you having data transfer problems?

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