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DDoS Protection

Monitoring, detection and fast mitigation of DDoS attacks

University students collaborating beanbags DDoS Protection service

Our DDoS Protection solution helps you manage DDoS attacks and the risk of business disruption

We’ve developed a system for the research and education sector that efficiently detects, filters and mitigates attacks well before they reach your campus network. Our DDoS Protection service is available to universities, schools and all other AARNet customers.

A faster solution for safeguarding your institution

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks on Australia’s research and education sector have become more prevalent in recent years. These attacks overload a target with a flood of internet traffic, disrupting critical online services, impacting productivity with potential financial and reputational implications.

Using AARNet’s extensive international and domestic network of border routers, real-time traffic analysis and automated application of firewall filters, mitigation of attacks can occur in seconds with our DDoS Protection system, significantly faster than most current commercial offerings. Legitimate traffic is unaffected, following its normal route, without limitation or disruption to your network's performance.

Key features and benefits

Critical asset protection

Attacks are filtered fast to safeguard the availability of your internet connection, websites and online resources.

Managed solution

Cost-effective protection from DDoS attacks without the need for specialist staff in-house.

Monitoring & support

Proactive 24/7 monitoring and support from our Operations Centre network engineers.

Customer portal

View your protected assets (named IP ranges), as well as traffic graphs and statistics for blocked and allowed traffic in one place.

Fixed pricing

Fixed annual charge, based on the size of your organisation. This makes the service accessible to all our connected institutions, large and small.

No usage charges

There are no usage charges, bandwidth caps or other unexpected costs. It's predictable pricing that's focused on protecting your institution.

How does it work?

AARNet border routers send sampled traffic and streaming telemetry back to our analytics and control systems. Firewall filters are applied to our border routers, blocking attack traffic, all within seconds. Legitimate traffic passes through untouched.

With our system, attacks are detected and responses automated according to an agreed policy and rule set. There is no need to re-route traffic to and from scrubbing centres. Our approach saves time and avoids disruptions to legitimate traffic.

How AARNet DDoS Protection can help your institution
Border routers are located globally in Asia, Europe and the US and domestically in most capital cities.

Need more information?

To find out more about how AARNet’s DDoS Protection service can help you manage cyber security risk, please contact us.