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Network Monitoring

Outsource your campus network monitoring to AARNet

Technician working on tablet server rack fibre optic network monitoring

Optimise the performance of your network and applications, and free up time for in-house IT teams

You can outsource monitoring and reporting for campus IT infrastructure, such as networks, servers and applications, to our 24/7 Operations Centre team. This managed service is a cost-effective way of dealing with incidents that can impact the performance and availability of business-critical services.

Features and benefits

Cost Efficiencies

24/7 monitoring of the performance of your IT infrastructure and applications without the expense of hiring an in-house 24/7 IT team.


Professionally managed event response and incident escalation by AARNet experts means more efficient incident isolation and improved service availability.

Independent reporting

Service level and performance metric reports provide management with improved visibility of events and incidents.

How the AARNet Operations Centre manages events

Outsourcing to AARNet is cost effective and provides a level of expert skills not readily available in house. Consistent monitoring and centralised reporting have given us the ability to see cause and effect, which means we’ve been able to uncover weaknesses and focus on resolving them."

Southern Cross University - AARNet Shareholder
Luke Walford

Manager IT Infrastructure, Southern Cross University

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