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Who we are

AARNet - Australia's Academic and Research Network

AARNet - our brand T-Shirt - Pioneering the Internet in Australia since 1989

AARNet is Australia's national research and education network

For more than 30 years AARNet has provided reliable telecommunications services, along with an expanding range of cyber security, data and collaboration services. Our network and services are designed to meet the specialised needs of Australia's research and education sector.

AARNet at a glance

Proudly Australian owned and operated
Pioneered the internet in Australia in 1989
Not-for profit company
Licensed telecommunications carrier
Owned by 38 universities and CSIRO
Funded through membership subscriptions
Serves more than 2 million people
Enables life-changing research and education

How we work

Learn about our governance structure and the strategy that guides our activities.

Our Values

One Team

Everyone counts and is accountable


Strive to innovate - it's in our DNA


Communication is open and transparent.

Stories from In The Field

The In The Field blog showcases inspiring stories about the people and projects around the world enabled by the global network of national research and education networks. These stories highlight how AARNet and the other networks help to facilitate the advancement of academia.

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