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Globus research data movement
18 August, 2022

Move research data faster and more efficiently with Globus and AARNet

The Globus data management service is now available to AARNet-connected universities and research institutions.

AARNet-connected universities and research institutes can now purchase subscriptions to the Globus data management service through AARNet. The AARNet partnership with Globus provides researchers with a robust and security-conscious solution for transferring large-scale research data.

Globus is one of the most widely used research data transfer services globally, developed by the University of Chicago and used by thousands of researchers at more than 1,500 Globus-connected institutions in 80 countries. By leveraging AARNet’s high-speed network, researchers can share research data between institutions in Australia and around the world quickly and efficiently.

Globus simplifies research data management by allowing researchers to access their research data from local storage, institutional storage, tape archives, commercial cloud storage, HPC systems and scientific instruments all from a single web browser. Other Globus features include secure authentication and authorisation, cross-institutional login, usage reports, transfer optimisation and support for custom-built applications, with optional functionality for connecting to third-party storage and managing protected data such as HIPAA.

Additional benefits provided by AARNet include local support for Globus and assistance with onboarding, integration and training.

More information

To find out more about how AARNet and Globus can help your institution with data movement requirements, please contact us.