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AARNet FileSender
13 February, 2024

AARNet FileSender: your go-to file sharing solution!

Send large files quickly and securely with AARNet's FileSender web-based application

In an era where seamless collaboration and efficient communication are paramount, we are thrilled to officially launch AARNet FileSender as a standalone service for Australia’s research and education sector. It was previously offered as an application in our now decommissioned CloudStor service.

What is FileSender?

FileSender is a powerful and user-friendly file-sharing service designed to simplify the process of exchanging files securely and efficiently over the internet. Unlike traditional methods of file transfer, FileSender eliminates the need for email attachments and overcomes the limitations posed by file size restrictions. It provides a seamless experience, ensuring files, such as research data, reach their intended recipients swiftly and securely.

How does FileSender work?

What’s great about FileSender is that it simplifies the file-sharing process through a straightforward interface. Users can effortlessly upload files up to 10 Terabytes in size and in any format, with the added advantage of encryption protocols, ensuring that your files remain confidential during transit.

Key Features

  • User-Friendly Interface: FileSender boasts a user-friendly interface that requires no specialised technical skills. Whatever your level of technical expertise, you can easily navigate through the platform.
  • Efficient Uploads and Downloads: With FileSender, large files are not a hassle. Enjoy fast uploads and downloads, saving you time and effort.
  • Customisable Security Settings: Take control of your file-sharing security with customisable settings. From password protection to expiration dates, FileSender ensures that your files are shared securely with their intended recipients - according to your preferences. Once the expiry date is reached, files are deleted from the system.

All this makes FileSender a popular choice for universities and research institutes.

Who can use FileSender

FileSender is accessible to all AARNet customer institutions affiliated with the Australian Access Federation (AAF). Users can use their institution login details to access and use FileSender. If you’re working on a collaborative project and do not have access to FileSender, a FileSender user you are working with can provide you with a FileSender Voucher to send your files.

How to use FileSender?

  1. Visit the AARNet FileSender website.
  2. Upload your file(s) to the website.
  3. Enter the email address of the recipient(s).
  4. Optionally, set an expiry date for the file(s).
  5. Click on the “Send” button.