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AARNet Work Experience Program

Short-term placement opportunities at AARNet

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AARNet Work Experience Program

Short-term placement opportunities are now available with AARNet, giving students insight into the telecommunications industry and how AARNet operates a national research and education network.

Work experience is all about inspiring young minds, boosting their confidence and giving them unique insight into the working world. Placements can help shape a student’s future by providing first-hand exposure to possible career options in the technology industry.

The AARNet Work Experience Program gives secondary and tertiary students insight into a live telecommunications workplace where they will observe and learn alongside AARNet’s network operations, infrastructure development, and cyber security teams.

These placements will provide students with valuable opportunities to:

  • Develop employability skills;
  • Explore possible career options;
  • Understand workplace and employer expectations; and
  • Increase their self-understanding, maturity, independence and self-confidence.
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AARNet’s Work Experience Program is structured to give students real tasks and be trusted to do the job well. This provides students with a taste of working life and helps to develop new skills that aren’t taught in the classroom, such as:

  • Problem solving and seeing the impact of their work;
  • Researching market conditions and how they affect a business;
  • Communicating with people across different teams and skill sets;
  • Learning about new technologies and how they are used in the workplace; and
  • Working across multiple roles to see how they work on a day-to-day basis.

When are these placements available?

The timing of placement will be coordinated by AARNet’s Human Resources team to fit in with the availability of the student and the team running the program.

This work experience can only be facilitated in person at AARNet offices or on-site as applicable. These programs cannot be conducted on a work from home or remote basis.

Who can apply?

These placements are designed to be undertaken by secondary school students in years 9 and 10, or tertiary students.

Secondary schools or tertiary institutions that would like their students to participate in the program can get in touch with the AARNet Human Resources team to coordinate placements for their students.

Alternatively, students can contact the AARNet Human Resources team directly if they would like to participate. Students will need to get the appropriate permissions from their school or institution, and AARNet will liaise between the school or institution and the student when coordinating the placement.

AARNet embraces diversity and welcomes work experience placements from students of all backgrounds.

The AARNet Work Experience Program is compliant with all state-based requirements. Learn more.

How do I apply?

Note: AARNet is only able to accommodate work experience requests facilitated by the applicable state-based forms and processes.

An applicable secondary school or tertiary institution or interested secondary or tertiary student can email the AARNet Human Resources team below to submit their interest.

If you are selected to participate in the program, AARNet will coordinate work experience dates and placement details with the school or institution and the relevant AARNet team and provide the appropriate documentation to be completed prior to the placement.