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Amazon Web Services Direct Connect

AARNet provides customers with several options for direct network connections to AWS

Connect to AWS via virtual private networks

AARNet customers can connect directly to Amazon Web Services (AWS) for consistent performance and cost control.

AWS Direct Connect enables universities, research institutes and other AARNet customers to establish direct private network connections to virtual private clouds (VPCs) within AWS. 

AARNet is among the first AWS Direct Connect Service Delivery Partners exclusively authorized to provision the new AWS Direct Connect Hosted Connections capacities greater than 500Mbps. These include 1, 2, 5 and 10 Gbps connections.

Why AWS Direct Connect via AARNet?

  • A more consistent network experience.
  • Access to the highest possible network throughput
  • May reduce network costs.
  • Your network traffic is on-net.
  • Choice of internet or private connection.

Connection options

AARNet customers can connect to AWS virtual private clouds via:

Private Connections to AWS

Recommended for heavier throughput (over 100Mbps). Options include:

  • AARNet Layer-2 virtual private network

  • AARNet Layer 3 virtual private network

  • Point-to-point transmission (Dedicated AWS Direct Connect port required)

IPSec virtual private network

A virtual private network connection over the internet, taking advantage of AARNet's peering relationship with AWS. (Avoid relying on this option for critical services, or as backup for connections that are greater than 1Gbps.)

High Resiliency for Critical Workloads

AARNet recommends connecting to multiple AWS Direct Connect locations for physical redundancy.

We support all of the AWS recommended best practices for high resiliency.

Need advice and implementation support?

The choice of options and architecture of AWS Direct Connect depends on how you plan to manage and integrate your AWS VPCs with other cloud infrastructure. AARNet Enterprise Services Consultants can assist with these choices and implementation.

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AARNet Cloud Connect Services Product Sheet

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