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Google Cloud Interconnect

Extend your network to the Google Cloud Platform

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Secure, reliable and cost-effective direct connections to the Google Cloud Platform

Our Google Cloud Interconnect offering allows you to extend your on-premise network to the Google Cloud Platform using private, highly available, low latency AARNet connections.

Why Google Cloud Interconnect via AARNet?

Google Cloud Interconnect Partner

As a supported Interconnect Partner network, AARNet can provide connectivity from your on-premise network directly to your Google Cloud Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).


Provides a consistent network experience for accessing the business-critical applications and digital tools your staff, students, faculty and researchers rely on.


Choice of high-performing options for connecting your campus, data centre or colocation environment with your Google Cloud VPC. We help you choose the right solution to match your needs.

Cost efficiencies

Leverages existing AARNet infrastructure, which can reduce network costs. Traffic is on-net and unmetered for AARNet customers. (Google data charges may apply)

How AARNet connects your campus to Google Cloud Interconnect

Connection options

As an Interconnect Partner, AARNet provides connections to Google's Sydney (australia-southeast1) region, with full redundancy at each location.

Partner Interconnect

Connections are delivered via AARNet's existing ports into Google, so you save time and money. AARNet Virtual Private Network (VPN) speeds of 1, 2, 5 and 10 Gbps are available and there is no contention between customers. Layer-2 VPN (point to point) services are the most popular and economical. Layer-3 VPN services are also available.

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Dedicated Interconnect

Dedicated Connections are physical Ethernet ports of 10 Gbps dedicated to a single customer. These require physical data centre cross-connects, so are slower and more costly to provision. 100Gbps connections are also available. AARNet offers private optical fibre and ethernet circuits, as well as VPN services to support the Dedicated Interconnect option from Google.

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Google Cloud VPN over the internet

For non-critical workloads, you may take advantage of AARNet’s peering relationship with Google and establish an IPSec-encrypted VPN between your equipment and your Google Cloud VPC via the internet. Using the IPSec protocol ensures the connection is encrypted and your data is secure.

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Charges and fees

Ready to get connected?

For quotes or more information on how AARNet can help with your Google Cloud Interconnect requirements, please contact our team.