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AWS Direct Connect

Secure, private connections to Amazon Web Services

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Connect directly to Amazon Web Services for consistent performance and cost control

Using AWS Direct Connect, you can establish direct, private network connections between your campus, data centre, or colocation environment and the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud over AARNet. This solution can reduce network costs, move data faster, and provide you with a more consistent network experience than internet-based connections.

Why AWS Direct Connect via AARNet?

AWS Direct Connect Delivery partner

As a validated AWS network partner, AARNet provides enhanced interconnect monitoring and is authorised to provision capacities greater than 500 Mbps.


Provides a consistent network experience for accessing the business-critical applications and digital tools your staff, students, faculty and researchers rely on.


Choice of high-performing options for connecting your campus, data centre or colocation environment with AWS. We help you choose the right solution to match your needs.

Cost efficiencies

Leverages existing AARNet infrastructure, which can reduce network costs. Traffic is on-net and unmetered for AARNet customers. (AWS data charges may apply)

How AARNet connects your campus to Amazon Web Services (AWS) via Direct Connect
AARNet recommends connecting to multiple AWS Direct Connect locations for physical redundancy.

Connectivity options

As a validated AWS Service Delivery Partner, AARNet offers the full range of connectivity options to AWS at Equinix SY3 and Global Switch SY6 Data Centres in Sydney. Our team of connectivity experts can help you choose the option that's right for you.


Charges and fees

Ready to get connected?

For more information on how AARNet can help with your AWS Direct Connect requirements, please contact our team.