Amazon Web Services Direct Connect

AARNet provides customers with several options for direct network connections to AWS

Connect to AWS via virtual private networks

In additon to Internet routing to Amazon Web Services (AWS), AARNet offers a Direct Connect service option, providing universities, research institutions and other AARNet customers with direct private network connections to virtual private clouds (VPCs) within AWS. In many cases, this can reduce network costs, increase bandwidth throughput, and provide a more consistent network experience than Internet-based connections.

AARNet AWS on-net and un-metered connection options

Via the Internet

  • IPSec virtual private network between your equipment and AWS VPC, taking advantage of AARNet's peering relationship with AWS

Via Private Connections to AWS 

  • AARNet Layer-2 virtual private network
  • AARNet Layer-3 virtual private network
  • Direct Ethernet point-to-point transmission

Which Connection option to choose?

For heavier throughput (over 100Mbps), or where consistent performance is required, the use of Private Connections is advised. The choice and design of Direct Connect options is dependent on how you plan to manage and integrate your AWS VPCs with other cloud infrastructure. AARNet consultants can assist with these choices and implementation if required.

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Amazon Web Services Direct Connect

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Download the AARNet Amazon Web Services Direct Connect Flyer:

AARNet - Amazon Web Services Direct Connect Service PDF (134 KB)