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National Network

Delivering high-performing connectivity across Australia

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Our network spans the continent and covers all capital cities

The AARNet network consists of thousands of kilometres of fibre optic cable, connecting major cities and regions around Australia. We also own and operate spectrum on the Indigo submarine cable system connecting Sydney to Perth (Indigo Central), which provides an additional link between the east and west coasts.

Designed to meet the unique needs of research and education

AARNet provides over two million researchers, academics, staff and students across the nation with fast and reliable access to the internet, scientific instruments, high-performance computing, data centres and a vast array of online tools and resources every day.

Making high-speed broadband accessible to more people

We are continuously extending the reach of the network and deploying new technologies to meet the needs of the Australian universities and CSIRO, and to provide more opportunities for organisations with a research and education mission to access the high-speed broadband they need in the digital age.

AARNet National Map November 2021
AARNet National Network Map

Our international network