Webinar: Evidence-informed Public Health Training

The University of Melbourne School of Population and Global Health is holding a 30-minute webinar about an upcoming Public Health Insight 2-day training workshop on evidence-based decision making in public health and health promotion practice.

29 Oct-2014 -

Time: 11:00 AM  (GMT+10:00) 

The Public Health Insight Evidence-informed Public Health Training course run by the University of Melbourne's School of Population and Global Health aims to build capacity among public health professionals to find, access, interpret, and use systematic reviews and other types of evidence in decision-making.

About the Webinar

In this 30-minute webinar, course facilitators Dr Rebecca Armstrong and Dr Tahna Pettman will provide an overview of a 2-day practical training workshop to support the use of evidence for decision-making in public health and health promotion practice. They will explain what the course entails and how it can support you in your practice. For example, evidence-informed decision making in public health has the potential to support:

  • the adoption of the most effective and cost-efficient interventions and approaches;
  • More efficient use of resources;
  • Better health outcomes for individuals and communities.

In addition, there will be the opportunity to answer any questions you may have about the course.

Who should attend?

Practitioners, planners , project officers and advisors working in areas such as health promotion, public health, and community development; in settings such as the community health sector, Local government, primary care partnership, State government, and Non-government organisations.

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About the Presenters

Dr Rebecca Armstrong

I am an Associate Director of Public Health Insight. This role allows me to combine two passions; generating evidence (particularly through systematic reviews of evidence) and supporting the implementation of evidence in policy and practice settings.

I am passionate about training and with my team have developed a series of professional development courses to support evidence-informed decision-making. We have delivered these courses across Australia and Internationally.

The complex work program I am involved in has one core aim; to support evidence-informed decision-making.

Dr Tahna Pettman

I’m passionate about evidence-informed public health and health promotion, and specifically, how we can use Knowledge Translation and Exchange (KTE) tools to enable better decision-making which can improve health outcomes for everyone. Recent evidence shows that it may be worth investing in activities like knowledge brokering and partnerships between researchers and decision-makers, but there is much more we need to know about how best to bring together research, policy and practice.

I became interested in knowledge brokering having worked in State Government health promotion policy, National and regional health service evaluation, clinical research, and community-based University research and teaching. I am involved in research and training with different stakeholders, to build capacity in evidence-informed public health practice. I am also involved in evaluating this work – essential to help understand ‘what works’.


Please conact Dr Kirsty Jones, Strategic Engagement Fellow

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