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Aarnet globus technical catchup feature

AARNet and Globus Technical Catch-ups


These sessions aim to provide more information about Globus and to help with problems or issues relating to your Globus service or general data movement.

AARNet is running Globus technical sessions to help researchers find out more about Globus and to discuss technical problems they are trying to solve or issues they would like to address relating to their Globus service or data movement more generally.

Globus is a fast, reliable and secure managed service for researchers with data movement challenges and is offered to the Australian research community through AARNet. Participation in these sessions is open to everyone in the research community. Both AARNet and Globus product specialists will be available to share knowledge and provide assistance.

These sessions will be back in 2024.

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Our AARNet and Globus Technical Catch-ups have concluded for this year. If you'd like to be notified when we start these sessions again next year, please get in touch with our Globus team.

Previous AARNet and Globus Technical Catch-up sessions

AARNet and Globus Technical Catch-up - Self-Managed Subscription Groups

Friday 5 April 2024

In this session we covered the new Self-Managed Subscription Groups feature now available in Globus. The new Globus Subscription Management capability gives subscription managers full control over users and resources affiliated with their subscription. Researchers can more easily discover whether their organisation is a subscriber, see what features are available, and associate their own storage and compute resources with that subscription.

AARNet and Globus Technical Catch-up - Common use cases for data sharing

Thursday 26 October 2023

In this session we’re joined by the key Globus team to common use cases for transferring data with Globus. The session includes Globus office hours where you can ask questions and share your use cases for discussion and advice.

AARNet and Globus Technical Catch-up - Introducing Globus Compute

Thursday 8 June 2023

Globus offers a distributed Function as a Service (FaaS) platform that enables reliable, scalable, and high-performance remote function execution. Unlike centralized FaaS platforms, the Globus compute platform enables you to execute functions on diverse remote systems, from laptops to campus clusters, clouds, and supercomputers.

Download a copy of the presentation. The recording of this session is available on request.

AARNet and Globus Technical Catch-up - Secure Data Sharing

Thursday 30 March 2023

In this session the Globus team gives an overview of sharing with Globus, starting with the benefits of Guest Collections, Access Control via Storage Gateway policies, and Self-service management via Access Manager roles and Globus Groups. The presentation looks at automating instrument data sharing and data publication and how Guest Collections simplify access to data portals and science gateways.

Download a copy of the presentation.

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