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Webinar: AARNet4 - the migration process, new services and benefits

This webinar with Network Architect David Wilde outlines the migration process and the range of benefits and services AARNet4 delivers.

06 Nov-2014 -

TIME: 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (GMT + 11:00)

TOPIC: AARNet4 - the migration process, new services and benefits

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About the webinar

The rollout of the AARNet4 backbone is almost complete and the process of migrating customer services onto the new backbone has commenced.

This 60 minute webinar, hosted by AARNet Network Architect David Wilde, outlines the migration process, benefits and services AARNet4 connectivity delivers. David will also present case studies demonstrating how AARNet customers are already making use of the new AARNet4 network services.

Learn about the benefits of AARNet4 connectivity, inlcuding

  • Bandwidth - The AARNet3 connection is limited to 5Gbps, where AARNet4 routed access supports bandwidth of up to 10Gbps, and beyond in the form of nx10Gbps LAG (Link Aggregation Group; eg. EtherChannel, LACP)
  • New private connectivity services - As well as routed access, AARNet4 supports point-to-point and multipoint layer-2 and layer-3 VPN services.  Example use-cases: private inter-campus connectivity; AWS Direct Connect connectivity; data-centre extension; etc.
  • Reduced footprint - The new AARNet4 NTU device (Network Terminating Unit), deployed on the customer premise) requires substantially less power and rackspace than the existing AARNet3 CPE router and server, freeing up resources on the customer site.
  • Pricing  - New AARNet4 access connection pricing, which for all member customers results in a cost reduction.  (Note that there is no change to the calculation or billing of the subscription and off-net quota under AARNet4.)
  • New Customer Dashboard - A new Customer Dashboard has already been released, and will be progressively updated with new features.

Who should attend?

CIOs and Infrastructure/Network Managers at AARNet customer institutions

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About the presenter

David Wilde, AARNet's Network Architect

David leads the development of new network architecture for AARNet and is driving the rollout of the AARNet4 project, which upgrades AARNet's transmission and IP networks to 100Gbps capabilities. He has a particular interest in ensuring that AARNet rides at the forefront of technology, engaging with both vendors and other NRENs across the world, in order to better support the R&E activities and services required by AARNet's customers.

More information?

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