RUN Regional Futures 2016

A conference that brings academics, politicians and community and industry leaders together to address the issues faced by regional Australia and exchange ideas for creating sustainable regional economies

21 Jun-2016 - 24 Jun-2016

AARNet is proud to be a sponsor of the RUN (Regional University Network) Regional Futures Conference 2016: Working together to build strong regional futures.

The 2016 Regional Futures Conference, is the first conference of its kind to specifically address the challenges facing regional Australia and draw attention to the many ways in which universities can work with government, community and industry, to drive innovation, engagement and research, and create vibrant, successful futures for regional economies and communities.

This conference brings together academics, politicians, and community and industry leaders to focus on Economic, Healthy, Sustainable, Digital and Creative futures. Importantly, it will enable delegates to connect, share their knowledge and establish new collaborative research and engagement partnerships.

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For more information and to register, visit the RUN Conference website.