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Research Bazaar (ResBaz) Sydney 2021

Open to all researchers across NSW/ACT with the aim of opening pathways into modern digital research

23 Nov-2021 - 25 Nov-2021

ResBaz Sydney 2021 will be a multi-stream online event, featuring key stories (like keynotes, but with a narrative!), workshops, short talks, demonstrations and lots of opportunities to find out about next gen tech and tools for researchers.

The program has dedicated streams for Compute, Humanities and Social Science, and Survey / Data Collection, as well as two streams for introductory programming skills, which are open to all, regardless of skill level or discipline. Lots of breaks, lots of opportunities to find your people across institutions and disciplines, and plenty of neat tricks and hacks to level up on your nerd skills.

Visit the RezBaz Sydney website for more information or to register