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Open Source Networking Days

One-day mini-summit

11 Nov-2019

Open Source Networking Day Australia is a one-day mini-summit hosted by Telstra and co-
organized by LF Networking (LFN). This is the first time that LFN has brought an open source networking event to Australia and it will be a unique opportunity to connect and collaborate with like-minded community members that are passionate about open source networking. The event will bring together service providers, the developer community, industry partners and academia for a day of collaboration and idea exchange on all things related to open-source networking, including LF Networking (LFN) projects like ONAP, OpenDaylight, Tungsten Fabric and Open Networking Foundation (ONF) projects like COMAC, Stratum, ONOS and P4, as well as home-grown innovation such as OpenKilda and many more.

AARNet CTO, David Wilde will be presenting at 2.30 pm, Stream 1, Bringing Open Source Innovation to Network Automation.

For more information and to register please visit the event website