AIS ICT Leadership Conference

The premier event for ICT professionals in school education in Australia, providing an unparalleled opportunity for delegates to network, learn about current and emerging technologies, share knowledge and exchange ideas

04 May-2016 - 06 May-2016

AARNet is proud to be supportig the Australian Independent Schools (AIS)  ICT Leadership Conference 2016 - 'Supporting Digital Improvement in Schools' by provding a high-speed connection to the venue.

This is the premier event for ICT professionals in school education in Australia and in keeping with the unique qualities of this event, the conference has a truly national focus.

For those leading their school's technology agenda, this conference provides a specialised technology learning experience. See how others in ICT management and leadership roles are leveraging ICT to support school improvement and learning outcomes. Explore innovative solutions and technologies, address questions surrounding ICT infrastructure, governance, leadership and management, and exchange experiences and ideas with other ICT management professionals.

AARNet's Education Outreach Manager Nick Cross is in the lineup of speakers on Friday 6 May:

New WAN Architectures

This session will look at new approaches to Wide Area Network (WAN) infrastructure and will provide examples of the different architectures we are seeing from a range of schools, the problems they address, the capability they enable, and new ways to think about your relationship with the world.

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