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Australia’s Academic and Research Network (AARNet) was established in 1989 by a group of Australian universities and research institutions, with the aim of providing high-speed internet connectivity to serve the academic and research community.

Today, AARNet serves 38 Australian universities and the CSIRO, as well as a number of health and other research institutions, cultural organisations, schools, vocational training colleges and specialist content providers.

In 2009, a book was published to commemorate AARNet's first 20 years. The story told within marks AARNet's place in our nation’s history – a place that has ensured Australia is an integral part of the global technology marketplace.

AARNet: 20 years of the Internet in Australia, written by noted journalist Glenda Korporaal, chronicles AAARNet's journey from the pioneering days of computer technology through the rise of the internet and the roll-out of AARNet (1989), AARNet2 (1997) and AARNet3 (2006). 

AARNet's trail-blazing story continues today with the development of AARNet4 (underway since 2010) and the ongoing exploration and delivery of new technologies, products and services for research and education.

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AARNET 20 Book



AARNet 20 years of the Internet in Australia 1989-2009 (Glenda Korporaal, 2009)