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AARNet transitioning universities to Zoom Phone
25 April, 2022

Zoom Phone - transitioning telephony and call centre to the cloud

The evolution of Zoom Phone is providing universities and K-12 schools with a truly unified experience.

As Zoom Phone approaches its third birthday in Australia, the growing maturity of its features are gaining the attention of universities and K-12 schools.

Zoom Phone allows organisations to do away with most, if not all, on-premises telephony infrastructure, creating the possibility of truly location independent services. Whether its performing reception duties whilst in isolation at home, or taking and making calls on your laptop or mobile during the day in the office or at home, a fully cloud PBX increases organisational flexibility. After hours rules allow staff to intelligently choose when they wish to ‘switch off’ for personal time and decide if they want to receive message notifications through email, text, voice or video.

The functionality of Zoom Phone now encompasses:

  • Support for desk phones, PCs and mobile devices.
  • Automated translation to text for messages.
  • Inbuilt support for small call centres, reception roles and collaboration teams.
  • The option to use your existing telecommunications provider.
  • Zoom Room integration with uninterrupted, one click transfer of calls between personal devices and the room.
  • Simple escalation from voice to video meetings.
  • Gateways to joint legacy analogue devices such as help points.

Zoom Contact Center, the omnichannel contact centre platform that brings together voice, chat, text and video in a single web interface, is hoped to be available to Australian customers later in 2022.

Feedback from AARNet customers using Zoom Phone has been overwhelmingly positive, with several universities putting it through extensive evaluation. This has highlighted its maturity as a technology and provided the opportunity to examine the resources needed for supporting a combined voice and video solution. Unified communications is finally starting to deliver a truly unified experience.

To learn more or to see a demo of Zoom Phone, contact your AARNet Customer Relations representative.

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