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14 June, 2022


14-16 June | Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

VALA is the largest fully peer-reviewed library technology conference in Australia.

VALA is recognised as the premier library and information technology conference within this region. The conference attracts delegates and suppliers from across Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and beyond.

VALA2022 offers opportunities for both traditional and innovative approaches to the development and delivery of conference content. Original research, case studies, emerging projects and “what went wrong” presentations are equally welcome.

AARNet will be taking part during the event.

  • Gitting by with a little help from our friends: Using Gitbook and crowdsourcing to find a common solution to common problems: 15 June at 3:10 pm and 3:50 pm AEST
  • Gittin' techy with it: Our journey using Gitbook and crowdsourcing to build a modern not-quite-technical skills guide: 16 June at 9:55 am AEST
  • The Australian text analytics platform: On Demand Content

More information

To find out more about VALA2022 or to register to attend, visit the VALA website.