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Training the trainers eduroam asia
17 August, 2018

Train the trainer workshop expands eduroam in Asia Pacific

A workshop to train local NRENs to extend eduroam, the international roaming service for research and education, into Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam was held in New Zealand recently by AARNet and other partners in the TEIN eduroam in Asia project.

More than 30 people participated in this workshop, which follows on from the success of an 18-month project held in 2016/2017 that saw partners from TEIN*CC, AARNet, Chungnam National University and KISTI (Korea), REANNZ (New Zealand), and SingAREN (Singapore) work with local NRENs from Bhutan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, Philippines, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka to introduce and expand eduroam in their countries.

AARNet’s John Batchelder, who is managing the eduroam in Asia project, explained that the objective is to train the NRENs in these economies to become national operators of eduroam, set up basic eduroam authentication infrastructure, and carry out three education installations within their economy.

“It was designed to give them the knowledge to start and then extend it. We did a lot of the work by video (training sessions and video meetings) before we organized for two representatives from each economy to come together in the Philippines to do a two-day, hands-on workshop.”

“By providing training rather than doing the job for them, they have the capacity not only to troubleshoot, upgrade and expand their network in years to come, but also train others as their team grows.”

The workshop in Auckland forms part of the second TEIN eduroam in Asia project, which was established to extend eduroam into Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. The project will also extend existing coverage in Bhutan, Indonesia, and Nepal.

“This was another fantastic opportunity for NRENs to learn and enable others on how to set up and expand eduroam in their economy,” John said, “as well as strengthen their relationship with neighbouring NRENs in the region.”

About eduroam

Eduroam (education roaming) allows any user from participating organizations to get network access at any institution connected to the eduroam network — currently some 12,000 locations in more than 90 economies globally.

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