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CyberSecurity for Schools

Classroom Support & Cybersafety solution

AARNet Cyber Security for Schools is a unique learning enablement and cybersafety platform designed to keep students safe while allowing them to access the digital content they need to accelerate their learning.

The solution has been created exclusively for AARNet Direct Connect schools by AARNet in partnership with customers and leading learning enablement and cybersafety provider CyberHound.  

AARNet and CyberHound have collectively served the education community for over 50 years. The co-developed solution combines aligned specialisations and a deep understanding of the sector to offer an extensive set of integrated network and security services. 

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Next Generation Firewall delivers application aware firewalling to the enterprise with inbuilt controls for the identification and control of evasive technologies such as anonymizers, VPNs, proxies and more, optimised for high throughput networks up to 10 Gbps.

Intrusion Prevention System

High performance flow-based Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) delivers advanced threat protection by inspecting network traffic for exploits and vulnerabilities. With 12,000+ rules, weekly updates and advanced GeoIP controls, protection is provided against the latest known and unknown threats. Automated network protection and policy enforcement is via ClearPass integration.

Virus and Malware Protection

Traffic is scanned using the latest virus and malware signatures available ensuring the best protection for the network. Daily signature updates are provided as part of the service and automatically enabled.

Category Web Filtering

Advanced category web filtering provides 500+ categories of content to ensure granular access to online digital content. Categorization is informed by over 600 million users globally and 4 trillion queries a month, and uses a combination of machine learning and 24×7 human quality assurance to maintain access and acceptable use policies in real time.

XGen Reporting

The XGen reporting platform contains a centralized repository incorporating data collected from the various layers of network traffic. Data includes Internet and application usage, malware and virus events, GeoIP events, network utilisation, content analytics and more.

LiveZone Portal

LiveZone provides teachers and students a real-time dashboard view of data from their web-based activities. Data includes website and content breakdown as well as access to YouTube video usage by title, category and views.

Classroom Control

Classroom Control allows teachers to maximise productivity, student focus and learning by providing in class tools to manage access to content for individual students. With individual Classroom Controls and variable time options, teachers can allow certain web pages and whole sites that may otherwise be restricted, or even turn off all Internet access as required.


SpeakUp is an easy to use self-service portal that provides a safe and secure way for students to inform school leadership of important welfare matters such as bullying, cyber-bullying, physical threats, self harm and more.


ClearView scans and analyses Internet traffic to identify indicators of student behavioural or welfare risk, allowing for early intervention on more serious issues.


RoamSafe prevents students from accessing inappropriate material on iOS devices away from school. Ideal for Primary and Middle School.

DDoS Detection

The AARNet Denial of Service (DDoS) Detection system helps defend the AARNet network and our connected institutions from malicious cyber attacks. The AARNet Operations Centre is alerted within minutes of a suspected DDoS attack, 24x7. This allows us to notify any impacted customers and filter out unwanted traffic before it reaches the network and connected institutions. DDoS detection and alerting is available for your school, with additional reporting available based on your registered Autonomous System Number (ASN).

Early Warning System

The AARNet Early Warning System (EWS) compliments the DDoS Detection service by providing early notification of issues affecting the performance of the network.  Schools nominate critical services, such as a public website or learning management system, for monitoring by our EWS system. Our Operations Centre is alerted when a nominated service at a customer site is not responding or meeting expected performance metrics, allowing AARNet and customer teams to respond more quickly to DDoS threats and other incidents impacting network availability.

Layer 3 Edge Network Integration

Offered as an optional integrated service, the AARNet engineering team will design, optimise and manage the netwtork integration for the AARNet Cyber Security Services for Schools, including dynamic BGP failover, HA scenarios, performance tuning and monitoring.

Enterprise Consultancy

AARNet’s enterprise engineering consultancy service provides schools with cost-effective remote and on-site assistance and professional advice for a wide range of technical and network related tasks, including network issue investigation and upgrades, vendor choice, data centre migration, security assessments and remediation, network design solutions, and more.


The AARNet Operations Centre provides a single point of contact for all AARNet network and security services issues and support.


Download the AARNet Cybersecurity for Schools brochure:

AARNet CyberSecurity for Schools PDF (176 KB)

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Secure Web Gateway

Layer 7 firewall

Category Web Filtering


Intrusion Prevention System

Aruba ClearPass Integration

Content Reputation Analysis

BYOD Certificate Onboarding Service

SSL Decryption & Inspection

Captive Portal

Active Directory Integration

RADIUS Authentication

Xgen Reporting

Youtube Analytics

Early Warning System


DDoS Detection


Behavioral Analytics


Realtime Classroom Analytics


Office 365 Email Scanning


Social Media Policy Enforcement & Auditing


Classroom Control for Teachers


Fully Managed/Hybrid Deployment Options

Service Training & Orientation

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