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Security Services

We are co-developing a portfolio of services to detect and resolve threats to the network, build cybersecurity awareness and skills and help improve the security posture of the research and education sector.

Protecting the AARNet network and our connected institutions

Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks and other malicious cyber threats to network availabilty and information security are increasing in the research and education sector. In response, AARNet is building out a portfolio of integrated security services.


DDoS Detection

Denial of Service (DDoS) Detection helps defend the AARNet network and our connected institutions from malicious cyber attacks. The AARNet Operations Centre is alerted within minutes of a suspected DDoS attack, 24x7. This allows us to notify any impacted customers and filter out unwanted traffic before it reaches our network and connected institutions.

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Early Warning System

The AARNet Early Warning System (EWS) complements the DDoS Detection service by providing early notification of issues affecting the performance of the network. Customers nominate critical services, such as public websites and learning management systems to be monitored 24x7 by the EWS system. Our Operations Centre is alerted when a nominated service at a customer site is not responding or meeting expected performance metrics, allowing teams to respond quickly to DDoS threats and other incidents impacting network availability.

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CyberSecurity for Schools

AARNet's CyberSecurity for Schools service is a unique learning enablement and cyber safety platform, designed to keep students safe while allowing them to access the online resources they need to accelerate their own learning. Co-developed by AARNet in partnership with customers and CyberHound exclusively for AARNet Direct Connect schools, the service offers a comprehensive and integrated set of network and security services. 

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Security Operations Centre - in development

AARNet is developing a Security Operations Centre (SOC) capability on behalf of our shareholder Australian universities and CSIRO. This SOC will assist universities and other customers to monitor and protect their networks and information, and to identify and respond to threats and compromises.

The SOC is in Pilot phase, with production coming soon in 2020.

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Network Security Consulting & Engineering Services

AARNet’s enterprise consultancy and engineering team provides customers with cost-effective professional advice, reviews, designs and hands on change management for network border edge projects and network security devices.  Our services follow a defined methodology to review and harden the security posture of our customer’s enterprise, data centre and cloud networks. 

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Tabletop Exercises

As part of AARNet’s customer engagement program, the AARNet Security team conducts state-based cyber security workshops throughout the year. These include attack trend updates and tabletop exercises to build skills and awareness, and help customers stay a step ahead when managing issues related to securing infrastructure and information.

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We are developing security services and capabilities in collaboration with our customers, research and education sector partners nationally and internationally, industry and government. Here are some of the initiatives we are involved in:

Australian Higher Education Cybersecurity Service (AHECS)

AARNet, CAUDIT and AusCERT are partnering to coordinate an Australian Higher Education Cybersecurity Service (AHECS), aligning activities with the aim of safeguarding the reputation of the Australasian Higher Education Sector through coordinated, complementary cybersecurity-related portfolios of activity.

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Global NREN Security Group

AARNet plays a leading role in a global forum for senior National Research and Education Network security professionals globally to coordinate security resources, people and knowledge. The forum provides an opportunity to share and develop security services and resources for the research network environment and promote collaboration across research and science communities.

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Cyber Security CRC

AARNet is an industry participant in the Cyber Security Cooperative Research Centre (CSCRC). The CSCRC connects participants from industry, government as well as leading cyber security research organisations (including six universities) to develop and potentially commercialise products and services that improve the cyber security posture of Australia. The CSCRC plays an important role in raising cyber security awareness more broadly and exploring key cyber security issues with respect to the legal, policy and regulatory implications of cyber security risks.

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