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Managed Science DMZ

A solution for speeding up big data transfers

Moving research data faster

Data-intensive science data transfer applications have unique network requirements that increasingly can’t be met by networks that are optimized for normal business operations like web browsing and business systems.

Science DMZ architecture (developed by ESnet, the US Energy Science Network) offers a solution by separating the data-intensive research traffic from day-to-day operational traffic and using data transfer tools to make best use of the network capacity available.

AARNet's Science DMZ Managed Service provides our customers with an end-to-end solution. AARNet engineers manage the design, procurement, deployment and ongoing operation of this service for you.

Why Science DMZ?

  • Scientific network no longer shares the same firewall as the rest of the network. 
  • Optimised network for geographically-distributed, data-intensive resources.
  • Mitigates impact of the exponential growth in scientific data volumes on institutional network performance.
  • Improves performance for both big data science users and regular users of the network. 
  • Equipment and configuration of a Science DMZ ensures the network handles high-rate flows without dropping packets. 
  • Network security and access policies can be tailored for high-performance science purposes. 
  • Easily adaptable to incorporate emerging technologies such as 100 Gigabit ethernet services, virtual circuits, and software-defined networking capabilities.
  • Network testing, network measurement, and performance analysis are incorporated through the deployment of perfSONAR.

Are there other technical solutions for big data transfers?

The Science DMZ Managed Service is one of several specialised solutions now offered by AARNet for maximising data throughput and ensuring cost-efficient usage of campus infrastructure. 

Other solutions include:

Private Circuits

Private optical fibre and Ethernet circuits of up to 100Gbps are available to meet the needs of researchers transferring large data volumes consistently between two locations, such as a scientific instrument and compute facility, in Australia. 

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Research VPN

The AARNet Research Virtual Private Network (VPN) provides dedicated 100 Gigabit per second (Gbps) capacity with international reach, accessible to a small community of organisations involved in data-intensive research.

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More information

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Choosing the right solution

Our engineers will consult with you to determine which technical solution is right for meeting your organisation's unique needs.

For more information or help with data transfer issues, please contact us.


Download the AARNet Science DMZ Service Flyer:

Science DMZ Service Flyer PDF (82 KB)