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Regional & Interstate Services

AARNet's Layer 2 Long-haul Optical Transmission services provide customers with links that can span two cities or across Australia

Long-haul Optical Transmission

AARNet’s Layer 2 Long-haul Optical Transmission point-to-point services allow you to take full control of your long-distance network architecture using AARNet's national optical backbone. 

Available at 1Gbps, 10Gbps and 100Gbps, AARNet’s national optical backbone spans outback Western Australia through to Brisbane.

Customer's links can span between two cities or the entire breadth of Australia, if required.

Use Cases

Layer 2 Optical Transmission services are most useful for:

  • Building private national networks across multiple locations in multiple states
  • Where full control over network architecture is required
  • Where high bandwidth in the tens to hundreds of gigabits per second is required
  • Where links of hundreds to thousands of kilometres in length are required
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L2 Optical Transmission

Private Layer 2 point-to-point ethernet or fibre chanel framing

AARNet's WDM transmission backbone (optical network)

up to 100Gbps

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