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AARNet Connect

Connecting cloud service providers

About AARNet Connect

AARNetConnect enables service providers to connect to the AARNet network in order to provide hosted and cloud-based services to AARNet’s customers.

AARNet Connect diagram

What are the connectivity options for cloud service providers?

Service providers enter into an agreement with AARNet for a connection to the AARNet routed internet backbone. Like traditional peering, it allows traffic between service providers and AARNet customers to be unmetered and congestion free – bypassing traditional Internet peering exchanges. General internet access is not provided as part of this service. 

This connection also provides for the possibility of private circuits between AARNet customers and the service provider using AARNet4 virtual private networks (Layer-2 or Layer-3 VPNs). These private circuits are typically ordered and paid for by the AARNet customer, not the service provider. 

Where are connections available? 

Typically, connections would be delivered at major data centres. AARNet has a presence at over 30 data centres. Dual data centre connectivity is preferred to ensure a highly available service. 

Benefits to cloud service providers? 

Service providers get direct access to the universities, schools and other education and research institutions connected to AARNet. 

AARNet-connected service providers are “on-net”, meaning traffic flowing to and from these entities is un-metered and performance is maximised. 

Benefits to AARNet customers? 

AARNet Connect enables universities, schools and other customers to take full advantage of cloud services, content providers and data centres by providing direct, high-performance, un-metered connectivity – both through the “on-net” connectivity and optionally through private circuits. 

How do service providers qualify and apply? 

AARNet’s focus is on enabling research and education, so service providers must demonstrate a reason for seeking a connection, including evidence of AARNet customers already using or planning to use the services. 

To assess feasibility and cost for providing an AARNet Connect service, you will be asked to provide: 

  • Company details, contacts and ABN. 
  • Connection location/s and estimated bandwidth required at each location. 
  • List of services to be provided to AARNet customers. (Name and short description of service/s) 

More information

For more information and to apply, please contact us.


Download AARNet Connect Flyer:

AARNet Connect PDF (84 KB)