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Box gives students, faculty and staff the ability to access, store, and share content easily and securely - anywhere, on any device.

Box Cloud Content Collaboration

Box has been deployed widely across the international higher education sector and counts among its customers an impressive list of prestigious universities. 

Box provides AARNet customers with a solution that allows students, staff and faculty to easily share documents, presentations and content they use every day for teaching, learning and research.  

Educators can easily access students' assignments, provide feedback and share learning materials. Faculty can collaborate on research across different institutions. Students can also use Box to collaborate on projects, such as presentations and essays. Documents can be opened and edited from anywhere, on any device.

Through the AARNet+ Box partnership,  Box services can be rapidly deployed across entire organisations.

Universities, TAFEs, K-12 Schools and other AARNet customer institutions are eligible to sign up for a whole-of-organisation enterprise offering under the AARNet+ Box Agreement. 


  • Federated Single sign-on  
  • Integration with university provisioning and security requirements 
  • Enterprise Customer Agreement tailored for the Australian research and education sector 
  • Allows individual branding by institutions 

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Box Cloud Content Collaboration Features

Online Workspaces
Create shared workspaces and easily invite team members to upload files, start discussions and collaborate online.

File Sharing
Easily share large files both within your organisation and with external partners replacing FTP software and email attachments. You can even see when your files are downloaded!

Folder Layers
Create and organise multiple layers of folders replacing your file server with an online organisation-wide file system.

Mobile Access
View your files on any browser-enabled mobile device and use Box's apps on an Android Smartphone, iPhone, iPad, and Blackberry. 

Note: Single sign-on is supported on Box-created mobile applications (iPhone, iPad, Android). The mobile app redirects to the IdP associated to the account, and loads as a browser within the application. The only mobile exception is, which currently does not support single sign-on.

File Commenting, Group Discussions and Online Documents
Leave comments attached to a specific document, start a group discussion, or create and share a simple document.

Like a newsfeed for your shared workspace, keep up with all activity via the Updates tab in Box and through email.

Version History
View previous versions of your files even after changes are made and new versions are uploaded. *Enterprise only

User Management
Manage users easily, control data access and review reports on content usage and activity using the Admin Console. *Enterprise only

Security Controls
Set various levels of view and edit permissions, set up a time to auto-delete a file or deactivate a link, and password protect sensitive folders or files *Enterprise only

Easy To Use
Minimize user training and support costs, eliminate software or hardware maintenance, and get started in just minutes.

Box Sync
Sync desktop files to Box. Access Box folders and shared files right from your desktop. *Number of accounts with full sync capped for initial phase

Note about "marketable storage": When assigning quotas to individuals on campus, even with the same quota, usage can vary widely. So if you plan on 10GB quotas, one person may use 1GB while another may use 7GB. In that case, your marketable storage is 2x10GB or 20GB but your actual usage is only 1+7 or 8GB. Analysis suggests the right ratio for "marketable" to "actual used" storage is approximately 5 to 1.

Box Applications included with the service

Box platform applications that are included in the AARNet service agreement are listed below. Note that each campus's Box administrator can determine which of these applications are deployed.

  • Box for Android, Android Tablet
  • Box for Blackberry
  • Box for Blackberry Playbook
  • Box for Chatter
  • Box for Courier
  • Box for iPad
  • Box for iPhone
  • Box for Touchpad
  • Box Web Documents
  • Salesforce
  • Netsuite
  • Google Apps Docs

Box Cloud Content Collaboration Pricing

The annual price of the AARNet+ Box service is based on the size of the organisation.

Please contact us for a quote.