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24 October, 2022

Jisc security conference 2022

7-8 November | Wales, Online

Come together as a community after three years apart to interact face to face, share stories and meet industry partners.

Any cyber security specialist will tell you that keeping an organisation secure requires a holistic approach – every staff member has a part to play. At the security conference 2022 we address this need head on with an in-depth programme of talks and training workshops designed to upskill all staff members. Staff from all teams should attend this event as we will examine the key areas where vulnerabilities lie across an organisation.

Attacks are on the rise; hackers have jumped at the opportunity to strike, as thousands work at home on unsecure networks. You need the latest knowledge to stay ahead of the curve and ensure you can mitigate ever changing risk.

Four key themes run through each day of the security conference, so you can tailor the event to your needs. By the end of day three you will have a broader understanding of the steps you need to take going forward to stay safe, the importance of utilising Jisc core security services and how data protection and information security around risks and controls backups can help keep your organisation secure.

AARNet will be taking part in a session during the event:

  • Tales from international SOCs: 9 November at 2 pm BST

More information

To find out more about Jisc security conference 2022, visit the Jisc website.