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AARNet K-12 Schools Cyber Security roadshow
26 October, 2022

Building cyber security awareness and resilience in the K-12 Schools community

AARNet workshops in October provided K-12 Schools an opportunity to come together, share their experiences and learn from cyber security experts.

During October, as part of Cyber Security Awareness Month, the annual reminder for all Australians to stay secure online, AARNet ran a series of practical and informative workshops for K-12 Schools in South Australia and New South Wales.

Like all organisations across Australia, schools are under increased pressure to improve the security of their information, technology, staff and students. The AARNet workshops provided an opportunity for the K-12 School community to come together, share their experiences and learn from cyber security experts. Speakers covered topics such as the current threat landscape, recent data breaches, securing infrastructure and responding to the growing threat of cyber attacks

University of New South Wales Cyber Security Professor Richard Buckland spoke at the NSW workshop. He stressed the importance of planning ahead for the very real threat of a cyber attack occurring. He also talked about what to do when an incident occurs, as well as how to involve students in improving the cyber security posture of schools.

“This isn’t a conversation on how to protect yourself from being breached, because you will be breached. The question is, how long do I have,” said Buckland. “If you spend more money and have more resources, what it will mean is when you are breached, you will be in a better position to handle what happens.”

The AARNet workshops also included a scenario-based simulation tabletop exercise where participants were guided through a range of challenges and decision points related to navigating and responding to a cyber incident. The tabletop sessions were led by AARNet’s cyber security team, with an expert from the higher education sector also on the panel to provide valuable insights from university experiences in this space.

AARNet is planning to run more cyber security workshops across the country in 2023 to help K-12 Schools better protect themselves against cyber security threats.

To find out more about how AARNet security services can benefit K-12 schools, see our Cyber Security for Schools page or contact our team to discuss your requirements.

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