We will continue to deliver the network infrastructure and services to advance research, teaching and learning.

AARNet Strategic Plan 2013-2017 Overview

Our Vision

Our vision is of a high bandwidth, globally connected Research and Education Network that connects Australian educators and researchers to those with whom they wish to collaborate anywhere in the world, with ease, speed and convenience that makes the issue of physical separation irrelevant. Unashamedly we care about enabling outcomes that benefit future generations of Australians.

AARNet’s mission is to advance Australian excellence in Research and Education by ensuring world-leading connectivity, creating platforms for collaboration and developing unique solutions for the sector.

Our 2013-2017 Strategic Plan defines a long-term vision for a sustainable core network, reinforces the resilience of AARNet’s infrastructure and builds out new capabilities to meet the digital demands of the 21st century.

We will continue to enrich the fabric of our customer base and develop new and innovative services to accelerate Australia’s participation in research, teaching and learning on a global scale.

AARNet’s strategy is focused on three dynamic, business-building pillars and two enabling platforms. The three pillars synthesise the innovation required for our customers and their user communities to grow in this space. Supporting these pillars are two foundational enabling platforms, ensuring sound financial management that makes the best use possible of customers’ funds, and builds a continually enriched collaborative, creative work environment.

Each of these five objectives comprise a number of initiatives that collectively define the priorities for innovation, change and growth in that dimension of AARNet’s business. 

This collection of integrated objectives, together with the aligned underpinning initiatives enables AARNet to offer customers an enviable and continually growing value proposition.

We are committed to unlocking opportunities for all Australians.