We will continue to deliver the network infrastructure and services to advance excellence in research and education.

AARNet 2018 - 2022 Strategic Plan Overview

AARNet’s vision is of a globally networked data-sharing ecosystem that accelerates knowledge creation and innovation to benefit future generations of Australians.

AARNet’s mission is to enable globally competitive research, education and innovation by providing transformational connectivity and collaboration services to meet the unique needs of our customers.

Our 2018-2022 Strategic Plan defines a long-term vision for a sustainable core network, reinforces the resilience of AARNet’s infrastructure and builds out new capabilities to meet the evolving digital needs of our customers. 

We will continue to enrich the fabric of our customer base and develop new and innovative services to accelerate Australia’s participation in teaching and learning and research on a global scale.

AARNet’s strategy is focused on five dynamic, business-building pillars: 

AARNet's five strategic pillars 2018-2022

Each of these five pillars comprise a number of integrated objectives and initiatives that collectively define the priorities for innovation, change and growth in AARNet’s business. 

Our strategy enables AARNet to offer customers an enviable and continually growing value proposition.

We are committed to unlocking opportunities for all Australians.

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