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AARNet: 20 years of the Internet in Australia (2009)

The AARNet story by Glenda Korporaal

AARNet - 20 Years of the Internet in Australia (Glenda Korporaal, 2009) explores how Australia’s commercial Internet network was developed by AARNet.  It also documents key individuals, events and milestones that led to the growth and development of a high-speed network dedicated to Australia’s research and education institutions.

This story is like no other. It transcends the bounds of the early pioneers of computer technology through to the incredible world of the internet as we know it today. The AARNet story today marks a place in this nation’s history – a place that has ensured Australia is an integral part of the global technology marketplace.

What is written in the pages speaks for itself, and of course the pictures themselves tell a thousand words. But as you drift from the humble beginnings of the single computer transmitting data to the realms of Petabytes and Lightpaths, ask yourself not who was responsible, but how such an effort has been sustained on such a remarkable scale for 20 years.

AARNet and its loyal customers about whom this book chronicles, are not about accolades but about outcomes. Having said this, there are many people to acknowledge and thank; this book by Glenda Korporaal does that in its own way, by taking you on this incredible journey (p. 5).


To read more of the AARNet story, you can download the book