About Us

AARNet is the Australian national research and education network

AARNet provides critical infrastructure for driving innovation in today's knowledge-based economy

Australia’s Academic and Research Network (AARNet)  is a national resource – a National Research and Education Network (NREN). 

AARNet is widely regarded as the founder of the Internet in Australia and renowned as the architect, builder and operator of world-class high speed low latency network infrastructure for research and education. 

We connect over one million users—researchers, faculty, staff and students—at institutions across Australia, supporting education across the life-long learning spectrum and research across a diverse range disciplines in the sciences and humanities, including high energy physics, climate science, genomics, radio astronomy and the arts.

Nationally, AARNet interconnects Australian universities and Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), and other organisations with a research and education mission, or with whom the education and research sector interacts. These include hospitals, vocational training providers, schools and museums.

Physically, this is achieved by owning and having access to fibre optic links across the country and through major metropolitan cities. As a National Broadband Network (NBN) retail service provider, AARNet also uses NBN services to connect schools in remote locations. 

Internationally AARNet interconnects the Australian Research and Education (R & E) community to the world – any university in Australia communicates directly with another university anywhere in the world without touching the commercial Internet. 

Quick facts

  • Established in 1989
  • Not for profit company
  • Licensed telecommunications carrier
  • Owned by the universities and CSIRO
  • Funded through membership subscriptions
  • Supported by Commonwealth Investments

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