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Google summer of code
23 July, 2019

AARNet mentors at Google Summer of Code

AARNet has been invited by CERN to participate with ownCloud in Google Summer of Code (GSoC) for the second year in a row.

Google summer of code
Google Summer of Code: Organizations Apply

GSoC is an annual, three-month event that brings mentors and university students together to develop open-source code during the Northern Hemisphere summer. The program has produced over 35 million lines of code for 651 organisations since 2005.

This code goes on to help a diverse array of industry and research, including neural network building for AI, PeaceCorps malaria prevention, and improving world mapping software.

As a mentor, AARNet’s Michael D’Silva worked with Indian University of Technology student, Mohit Tyagi (pictured).

Tyagi is developing ‘Bring Your Own Application’ software, to allow users to open different filetypes with their favourite application.

High energy physicists at CERN will be able to create programs on their preferred applications, then upload and share their programs on the CERN cloud without all having to use the same software.

This filetype translator will also be utilised in other ownCloud services. Users will be able to share the work they do on any certified application, meaning more open-source access for more people.

Tyagi’s applications will also help cloud services to handle huge datasets with speed and stability.

AARNet’s own CloudStor system will eventually use Tyagi’s work to provide an even greater boost to its 1TB free storage and secure file transfer for researchers.

Last year, AARNet helped mentor a student in the creation of a petabyte-scale cloud storage manager. The storage manager offered uninterrupted work for researchers while offline.

GSoC provides students the opportunity to hone their open-source coding skills while contributing to real-world projects.

This is one example of the great STEM education initiatives AARNet is proud to support.