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Brunch and learn webinar - AARNet customer showcase
29 June, 2020

AARNet Collaboration Tech Brunch and Learn Customer Showcase

During the AARNet Collaboration Tech Brunch and Learn Customer Showcase on 16th June 2020, we were fortunate to see some amazing work on how our customers have prepared and supported remote teaching and collaboration during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Many schools have adopted the Zoom video conferencing tool due to the need to support remote teaching. Zoom enabled the remote teaching as well as the creation of teaching and learning content through its cloud recording feature.

To simplify the management of the valuable cloud recordings, James Spencer from Girton Grammar School presented the Powershell script he wrote to manage Zoom cloud recordings in MS Sharepoint which provided the school with greater access controls and minimized their cloud storage cost.

During the session, James Davies from Kincoppal Rose Bay also shared his script for managing Zoom cloud recordings in Google Drive. They have open-sourced their scripts. Here’s where to find them:

Following the explosive adoption of Zoom, Wally Clewett from University of Sunshine Coast shared a little demonstration of Zoom APIs on how he used Powershell script to manage Zoom host licenses by deactivating inactive users. He also shared his experience with updating Zoom clients and Zoom Rooms using SCCM for the security enhancements released by Zoom.

Watch the webinar recording to learn more

If you like to join the next Brunch and Learn session, please reach out to your AARNet Customer Relations representative or contact us via our web form.

Authors: Paul Hii, AARNet Portfolio Manager, Collaboration and Michael Watson, AARNet Product Manager, Collaboration