Enterprise Services Consulting

Independent advice, industry knowledge and technical expertise at competitive rates.

AARNet's professional consultancy service

AARNet Enterprise Services Consulting provides practical solutions for a broad range of information and communications technology (ICT) projects.

We collaborate with IT departments at AARNet customer institutions to develop solutions that meet cloud, data centre and other IT service and network infrastructure needs. Our goal is to help customers make the most of the network in cost-efficient ways.

In addition to providing independent vendor-agnostic advice and highly-skilled consultants on demand, we offer access to best practice and trends across the global network of national research and education networks.

AARNet can help you navigate technology solutions delivered by vendors, and also with identifying possible variation or step change costs over time.

Our services inlcude:


Engineer Assist

Engineers assist with iterative network change activities on or off campus via an engineering hours block of days

Network Assist

Network-related works, such as helping connect customer networks to AARNet, Network Performance reviews, Network architectural design on campus, DC, co-lo, cloud interconnect.

Security Assist

Network security reviews, security-specific remediation work.

Tender Assist

Technical tender drafting, panel participation, selected supplier Quality Assurance and acceptance testing against requirements and solution design.

Project Assist

Bespoke consulting and project assistance of significant scale, profile or change e.g. Network Upgrades, Data Centre migration, or for significant multi-step network or network security changes or implementations.



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