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Data Services

Cost effective solutions for moving, storing, analysing, packaging and preserving data

Solving data challenges for our customers

The rate at which data, information, and knowledge are being created and collected is exploding, making data management a growing technology challenge for the research and education and cultural heritage sectors In response, AARNet is collaborating with the research and education sector, global research and education network partners and industry to develop services that meet the unique data manangement needs of our customers:

Data Movement

Private optical fibre and ethernet circuits of up to 100 Gbps for managing large data volumes between two locations in Australia, such as a scientific instrument and compute facility.

Direct connections to Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure for cost-effectively moving data between campuses and leading cloud service providers.

Technical advice and customised solutions for moving data efficiently end to end at speed. 

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Data Storage

CloudStor provides fast, secure and easy-to-use cloud data storage and data transfer solutions for researchers, all hosted on the AARNet network. One terabyte of storage is available to individual researchers at AARNet-connected institutions. Group storage is also available.

Direct connections to Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure data storage services and major metropolitan data centres. 

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Data Analysis

CloudStor SWAN (Service for Web-based ANalysis) allows users to perform interactive data analysis using a web browser and Juypter Notebook.

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Data Packaging

CloudStor Collections, a purpose-built application for archiving and packaging data, alllows users to simplify data management throughout the research and data lifecycles

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Digital Preservation

AARNet’s digital preservation projects aim to develop capabilities to help organisations enable long term preservation and access to their digital materials. Projects include a proof of concept with Archivematica and Play it Again with Swinburne University and the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, a project investigating emulation-as-a-service for historic video games.

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