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Research Virtual Private Network

An ultra-fast dedicated 100 Gbps shared solution to support data-intensive research

Moving research data faster

An ultra-fast dedicated 100 Gbps shared solution to support data-intensive research

The AARNet Research Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a 100 Gigabit per second link with international reach accessible only to a small community of organisations involved in data-intensive research.

These organisations include AARNet-connected universities and research institutes, scientific instruments, compute and storage facilities nationally and selected research facilities internationally.

Who is the Research VPN for?

  • Organisations involved in data-intensive research, resulting in large, sustained data transfers (lasting minutes/days) between several research partners in the data-intensive research community.
  • These sustained big research data transfers typically involve multiple partners such as scientific instruments, storage and compute resources nationally and may include international research facilities at various locations.
  • Organisations seeking a cost-effective and fast way to manage these big data transfers with a known, fixed cost, and without the risk of impacting others using your campus network.

Technical solutions for big research data transfers

A data engineer is part of the package, working closely with all Research VPN customers to optimise the performance of the link for all connected facilities.

The Research VPN is one of several specialised solutions now offered by AARNet for maximising data throughput and ensuring cost-efficient usage of campus infrastructure. 

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Download flyer about the AARNet Research VPN

Research VPN PDF (72 KB)