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Research Data Transfer Services

Network solutions for managing big data flows

Moving research data faster

Data-intensive research has the potential to generate an incredibly large volume of data. Some of the largest datasets on the planet are in the realm of 100s of Petabytes.

Moving this data for analysis on high performance compute, or simply to collaborate with it, requires high capacity frictionless networks that can perform over very long distances.

Large single flows (also known as “elephant flows”) often dwarf all other traffic and have the potential to consume all available bandwidth and impact access to business critical services for other users.

AARNet offers several specialised network solutions for managing this issue. We can help you maximise data throughput and ensure cost-efficient usage of campus infrastructure.

Specialised network solutions

Private Circuits

Private optical fibre and Ethernet circuits of up to 100Gbps are available to meet the needs of researchers transferring large data volumes consistently between two locations, such as a scientific instrument and compute facility, in Australia. 

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Science DMZ Managed Service

Science DMZ architecture is another way of maximising data throughput by separating the data-intensive research traffic from day-to-day operational traffic. Our Science DMZ Managed Service provides AARNet customers with an end-to-end solution. Our engineers manage the design, procurement, deployment and ongoing operation of this service for you.

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Research VPN

The AARNet Research Virtual Private Network (VPN) provides dedicated 100 Gbps capacity with international reach, accessible only to a small community of organisations involved in data-intensive research.

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Choosing the right solution

Our engineers will work with you to determine which technical solution is right for meeting your organisation's unique needs.

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