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A file sharing and cloud storage solution for the research and education sector

CloudStor File Sharing + Storage

The CloudStor platform makes collaborating and sharing files so easy for AARNet customers.

CloudStor removes the frustration of slow data transfer rates for very large files by providing a super-fast, easy-to-use and secure file transfer and storage solution hosted on the AARNet network. 

Unlike most cloud storage services, CloudStor is designed to meet the specific needs of researchers, and one terabyte of storage is available free to each individual researcher at AARNet-connected institutions. 

Why CloudStor? 

  • 1TB free storage for individual researchers at AARNet-connected institutions + group storage quotas for research projects.
  • Quick and secure file transfer with no file size restrictions.
  • Single sign on using home institution credentials (for Australian Access Federation members).
  • CloudStor web interface for access to file storage, FileSender, AARNet Mirror and other applications.
  • OnlyOffice for collaboratively editing a wide range of document types directly in the CloudStor portal.
  • Run and write Jupyter notebooks to analyse data in CloudStor using the SWAN Service for Web-based ANalysis.
  • Storage located in Australia and directly connected to the AARNet backbone for rapid and convenient access, and avoiding any sovereignty issues.
  • Data is replicated at a minimum of two geographically distributed storage nodes for high reliability and availability. 
  • Data is backed up to tape storage, providing persistent backups and a third copy.
  • Cloudstor uses EOS, the scalable back-end storage developed at CERN. 
  • Sync client is available for Windows, Mac, OSX, Linux, iOS and Android. 
  • Access Amazon and other cloud data stores remotely using WebDAV and S3.
  • Upload data sets from scientific instruments with CloudStor Rocket upload tool.
  • Works with institutional repositories and national merit-based storage.
  • A sustainable service that AARNet plans to provide indefinitely. 

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Download CloudStor Product Sheet:

CloudStor Product Sheet PDF (180 KB)

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