Global roaming wireless Internet access for students, researchers, visiting academics and others

Eduroam global roaming network access

Eduroam is a global wireless network access service providing users (students, staff and faculty) in the research and education communities with mobility between participating institutions’ wireless infrastructures, and removing the burden of institutional administration of guest network access. AARNet manages setting up the eduroam service for institutions in Australia (eduroam AU). 

Eduroam provides a single solution for the mobile connectivity requirements of AARNet customers.

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Benefits of eduroam

  • High-speed wireless connectivity at hundreds of participating institutions worldwide
  • Easy to use
  • Data and privacy protected
  • Provides a single solution for the mobile connectivity requirements of AARNet customers. 

Global eduroam

eduroam is available at more than 12,000 locations worldwide. Visit the eduroam website to find out more about eduroam and the participating organisations globally.

eduroam Companion


The eduroam Companion app provides users with the locations of eduroam-enabled institutions worldwide, allowing them to locate the nearest source of secure internet access.

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How does eduroam work?

Eduroam is a federated authentication service that allows participating institutions to provide access to their wireless networks to users from other eduroam participating institutions using the institutional username/password credentials (i.e. username and password they use at their home institution for email access etc.).

All participating institutions use the same wireless network identifier (SSID) - "eduroam".  Users initially configure authentication via eduroam and automatic access to the "eduroam" network while on their home campus.

When travelling to other eduroam participating institutions, eduroam allows wireless network access at visited institutions automatically: users simply open their laptop or device configured to authenticate and connect via eduroam (they will be remotely authenticated and authorised to access the visited institution's network).

38 Australian universities participate in eduroam in Australia (eduroam AU), as well as research institutions, health institutions, and other AARNet customers. eduroam is  deployed in hospitals to provide network access to medical researchers and teaching staff who have Higher Education and Research institution accounts.

Who can use eduroam?

  • local users connecting to the local network
  • visitors connecting to the local networks
  • local users connecting to participating networks

How to get help with setting up and using eduroam

Institution IT Services staff

IT Services staff who wish to deploy eduroam or are experiencing operational difficulties with eduroam services they support on campus that cannot be resolved locally, please email eduroam support so that a ticket can be automatically created and assigned to AARNet technical staff who will then contact you.

Detailed service and technical information is available on the eduroam wiki

Individual end users

Instructions for connecting to eduroam, both for local users and visitors, are provided by participating institutions on their wireless networking web pages.

  • Users should configure access to eduroam locally (i.e. connect to eduroam on their home institution campus) prior to travelling and using eduroam at a visited institution.
  • End users should contact their home institution  IT help desk to resolve any issues in authenticating via eduroam.
  • Alternatively, users may contact the IT help desk of a visited institution if contacting their home institution IT help desk is impractical for any reason.

Note: As the eduroam roaming operator, AARNet does not provide eduroam support for individual end users, only for staff at participating institutions who support eduroam services.