Dropbox Business connects AARNet customers with the collaboration tool faculty and students prefer, letting them work anywhere on any device.

Dropbox Cloud Content Collaboration

Dropbox Business connects AARNet customers with the collaboration tool faculty and students prefer, letting them work anywhere on any device. In addition, enterprise-grade security features give admins the control and visibility you need to manage data across campus.
Save all your research on Dropbox, where you’ll have as much space as you need. Collect data from multiple collaborators, compile findings, and share results through a shared folder. Best-in-class sync means the research process won’t slow down, no matter how big your files are.
Already present in over 3,000 educational institutions worldwide and known for supreme usability, there’s no training needed when deploying Dropbox Business on campus.
Dropbox works with any device or operating system across desktop and mobile, online or offline. Dropbox also hosts the largest repository of Microsoft Office files and integrates with Office 365 as well as Adobe.
Enterprise-grade management tools help you control information, monitor activity, and manage transition. Dropbox Business meets the requirements for HIPAA/HITECH, SOC 1, 2, and 3, ISO 27001, and the EU Safe Harbor framework.
With more than 300,000 apps on the Dropbox Platform — including higher ed tools like Blackboard, Turnitin and Papers — faculty and students can work together with the programs they’re already using.


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Dropbox Business Overview

Dropbox For Education

Dropbox for Education

Security Overview

Security Overview

Onboarding and Offboarding

Onboarding and Offboarding

Dropbox Cloud Content Collaboration Features

Best-in-class sync

Fast and reliable sync lets your team access files quickly — whether they’re working from home or collaborating across continents. In recent sync performance tests, Dropbox Business is 5x faster than the average of the solutions evaluated.* Check out the results here.
*Principled Technologies sync performance report commissioned by Dropbox, July 2015.

File backup

Get all the space you need for the entire organization.

Access across all your devices

Files in your Dropbox folder stay updated on every device linked to your account. Save something on your laptop, and it automatically syncs to your desktop computer, as well as your iOS, Android, Windows, or Blackberry mobile devices. See how it works here.

Flexible storage

Avoid overwhelming your computer’s hard drive. With our Selective Sync feature, you can stop certain folders from syncing to your computer(s), so you can keep rarely used files in the cloud, not on your hard drive.

Connected accounts

Access both work and personal files on all your devices while keeping them separate. Just connect your personal and work Dropbox accounts, and access everything in one place, without the need to switch logins. Your sensitive university information will be kept separate from your personal files.

Version history and file recovery

Never worry about losing a file again. We back up all your files and protect them with unlimited version history and deletion recovery. Getting old versions or deleted files back is simple, and doesn’t even require help from the IT team.

External sharing

Instantly send files or folders to people outside your company using shared links – even if the recipients aren’t Dropbox users. To keep tabs on sharing, you can protect those links with passwords and expiration dates.

Organization-wide collaboration

Use comments and annotations to quickly gather feedback right on or next to your files. You can also invite your co-workers to shared folders, where they can add and edit files together. Changes sync automatically, giving everyone the most recent versions in their Dropbox folders.

File requests

File requests are a fast and easy way to collect files — large or small — from students, professors, vendors, and anyone else you work with. Just choose a folder to collect files into, and send a request out to as many people as you like. They can then upload files — as big as 10 GB each — even if they don’t have a Dropbox account.

Team folders

Create a central workspace so everyone can find what they need quickly. Team folders are a simple way to give your entire team access to things like employee handbooks, departmental goals, and offsite photos.

Dropbox badge

Collaborate more effectively inside your Microsoft Office documents. The badge shows you if someone is viewing or editing the file you’re working on, and gives you the option to update to the latest version if someone saves changes. See how the badge works here.

User lists

Use our groups feature to create and manage lists of members within your Dropbox Business account. Give new employees access to specific folders with just a few clicks.
Consolidated administration

The Admin Console lets you manage staff accounts, permissions, and security settings in one place. Integrations with Active Directory and SSO make it easy to add or remove users, while features like Account Transfer help you maintain continuity as employees come and go.

Team activity tracking

Conveniently track how data is shared with individuals inside and outside your company through in-depth, exportable audit logs.

Centralized billing

Reduce time spent on expenses with centralized billing. You can give each employee their own Dropbox Business account, and pay for everything on a single bill.

Sharing controls and permissions

Make sure sensitive company data stays in the right hands with intuitive sharing controls. Expiration dates and passwords can be added to shared links, while admins can decide whether or not sharing is allowed with people outside the company.

Lost device protection

Easily secure lost and stolen devices. If a device is misplaced, it’s easy to unlink it from the employee’s account and pause Dropbox syncing. You can also use our remote wipe feature to clear all the files from the device’s Dropbox folder.

Account transfer

Conveniently migrate company files to another member of the team with account transfer. When an employee or contractor leaves, admins can transfer files from a deprovisioned user’s account with just a few clicks.

Two-step verification

Add an extra layer of protection to user accounts. When two-step verification is enabled, a six-digit security code is generated in an authentication app or sent via text message. This code is required, in addition to a password, to log in or connect a new device.

Identity management

Streamline management and bolster security by integrating Dropbox Business with an existing identity system such as LDAP or Active Directory.

Data protection

Protect sensitive student data and intellectual property with integrations from leading data loss prevention (DLP) and data rights management (DRM) solutions.

300,000+ apps on the Dropbox platform

With hundreds of thousands of app integrations already leveraging the Dropbox Platform, we are committed to working with our Premier Partners in delivering powerful technology solutions. Read more about them here.

Work in Dropbox Business and Office 365

Access files stored in Dropbox and share files with a Dropbox shared link, right from Microsoft Office online and mobile apps. Or, find your Office file in Dropbox and click Edit to open the doc in Office and make changes. Any edits will automatically save to your Dropbox.

Dropbox FAQs

I’m a professor. What if I just want Dropbox for a small lab group?

No problem. Dropbox Business can be used in a small lab, or stretched across an entire campus.

How much space does my team get with Dropbox Business?

Dropbox Business supplies you with all the space you need. Teams start off with 1 TB (1,000 GB) of space per user. If you need more space, simply contact us through the Admin Console and we’ll work with you to accommodate your storage needs.

Where can I learn more about security with Dropbox Business?

At Dropbox, data security and user privacy are paramount. You can learn more about Dropbox’s approach to security at dropbox.com/business/trust.

Can I share files or folders with Basic/Pro users if I’m on a Dropbox Business account?

Absolutely! As long as your team admin permits external sharing, you can share with any Dropbox user, even if they’re not a member of your Dropbox team. While you’ll have all the space you need with Dropbox Business, remember that Dropbox Basic or Pro users will be restricted by their own personal quota.
Take a look through more of our frequently asked questions here.