Crash Plan Data Protection

An easy-to-use enterprise solution for protecting critical business data stored on multiple devices regardless of platform

Code 42 CrashPlan data protection

For IT Managers looking for an efficient way to protect data, CrashPlan from Code 42 provides a streamlined and cost-effective solution. Designed for the needs of today’s enterprise, CrashPlan endpoint backup empowers a single admin to easily support thousands of employees, while allowing non-technical users to quickly, easily access and restore data without IT intervention.

Running invisibly and continuously in the background, CrashPlan protects all critical business data stored on laptops and desktops, regardless of platform. And its real-time dashboard gives IT peace of mind that all employee endpoints back up as expected. CrashPlan protects millions of devices and more than four exabytes of data globally, including for some of the world's most prestigious universities.


  • Flexible infrastructure. Back up to public or private cloud destinations—or both, for easy redundancy and high availability.
  • End-to-end security. Data is encrypted on the device, and remains encrypted in-transit and at rest. Additionally, you can choose to keep control of the encryption keys, even when deploying via public cloud.
  • Proven scalability. Easily add new storage nodes that auto-balance quickly to increase your backup capacity. The same technology supports more than a million devices in CrashPlan’s public cloud.
  • Simple administration. Manage users and destinations from one, easy-to-use admin console. Apply policies and view the status of backups in real-time.
  • Seamless, cross-platform support. Support all users with one backup solution that works the same on Windows, Mac, Linux and Solaris.
  • Authentication technology integrations. Assign policies automatically based on your existing LDAP structure. Allow users to log in with their existing credentials.


  • Automatic, invisible protection. Runs quietly in the background, with no training necessary. Users won’t notice CrashPlan until it’s time to restore.
  • Simple, consistent user interface. Consistent user experience, regardless of platform used.
  • Self-service restore. No waiting for IT; your users can restore their own files at any time, using a variety of easy methods.
  • Mobile access. Stay productive on-the-go by accessing files from any mobile device.


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