Advanced Network Services

We provide customers with exclusive access to value-added solutions that make the best use of the capabilities of AARNet for managing large data transfers, interconnecting campuses to data centres and/or cloud services, and other internal network needs.

Advanced Network Services for AARNet customers

We offer AARNet customers a range of point-to-point and multipoint services for connecting between geographically diverse sites, such as campuses, data centres and service providers.

We also offer a service for outsourcing monitoring of customer internal networks to our 24x7 Network Operations Centre (NOC). 

Connections to AARNet are delivered direct from our optical network or Network Access Point  (NAP) sites to a Network Termination Unit, or NTU, which can operate at either 1 gigabit per second (Gbps) or multiples of 10 Gbps.

This 'trunk' can then be used to deliver multiple services at any given time, including private networks, connections to data centres, and Internet services. You can connect as many, or as few, AARNet network services at each campus as you need.




Use Cases

Metro Ethernet


  • Campus connections

  • Data Centre connections

  • Building internal networks

Metro Optical


  • Campus interconnections

  • Data Centre to campus connections

  • Data Centre interconnections

  • Metro connections where full control over the network is required

Long Haul Optical Transmission

Regional & Interstate

  • Interstate connections where full control over the network is required

Virtual Private Networks

Regional & Interstate

  • Campus connections

  • Data Centre connections

  • Where full control over the network is required

NOC Services

Network Operations Centre 

  • Network monitoring

Science DMZ

Research Support

  • Big data transfers

SDN Testbed

Research & Innovation

  • Develop and test new and emerging high-speed technologies